Wednesday 29 February 2012

Extra Day

There’s little consolation for February with this extra day is there? It is so pathetic that even when it gets an extra day it still has two days less than seven other months. The extra day itself has nothing: overshone by pancake day and valentines day even though they are both shit and it only happens once ever four years. And what is its gimmick? Women are allowed to propose to men – not my words, the words of a ticketing email I received yesterday. Women are ALLOWED to propose to men. So, February 29th’s big selling point is that some archaic gender roles in the entering in to some archaic relationship bind. It doesn’t even have a chocolate treat associated with it.

As we are all aware the extra day comes because years are 365 AND A QUARTER days long (roughly) (and of course there is the eternal conflict between the calendar being based on years being split into days when the length of one has nothing to do with the other, but we all know that). My solution is simple (or simples if you are reading this 12 months ago): just make New Years Day six hours longer. Benefit: we get an extra six hours to get over New Year’s Eve, you know because everyone goes out and gets bladdered because it’s such an important night. The other benefit would be not having to have leap years.

Some people will say that this wont work. They will say adding six hours to one day is stupid and will throw the whole day/night cycle out meaning people will be going to work in the pitch black and sleeping through the brightest part of the day. I don’t like quoting Hitler but my response to these quibbles has to be the same as his when people criticised the holocaust: “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.”

Where There’s a Wales

So this person has been asking me to do this thing for ages. I always knew I pretty much wasn’t going to do it – because I didn’t want to. But I found out recently I couldn’t do it. Now the thing doesn’t involve a positive response – let’s say it was the invite to a birthday party*, just informing me I was invited to something and telling me when it was, but not asking for an RSVP.

Because there was no RSVP needed, or requested,  being recalitrant to attend was irrelevant. As was my newfound inability to attend.

I got a message via Facebook – was I going? Well I didn’t want to make it seem like I was coming up with a last-minute excuse not to attend. The truth was I have to go away with work and therefore it is impossible for me to attend. But I didn’t want to make it look like a last-minute excuse as I wasn’t going to go anyway and I only lie in situations where I get something out of lying; lying to protect others’ feelings isn’t my way. So, I ignored the message. Well did that didn’t reply immediately that turns into a forget.

Then today I got the same – and I’m not going to call it mithering – request on my wall. So, I replied to the message saying I wasn’t going – which hasn’t been acknowledged…really where do these people get off?


*or the evening party celebrating the wedding of two birthdays, one of the birthdays I have never met and the other birthday I haven’t seen in about 10 years.

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