Tuesday 28 February 2012

Pass The Vibes On

I’m not sure one should write about other people talking on Facebook. It feels a little bit like eavesdropping. However.

My friend did a status about being at the hospital with her daughter, praising said hospital and the NHS. I liked this comment – just in my head, not by clicking on the like button the world’s biggest social network furnishes us with. I just liked it in my head*. One of her friend’s did do a comment – saying last time she was at the same clinic with her son they had accidentally taken a book with them (when they left they took a book from the hospital, not they took a book with them). She asked the writer of the initial status to pass on her apologies.

It was the last bit that I was a bit thrown by. I took it as this person was being nice and meant it. But was it a joke? See, I get confused by other people at times. Me and my friends often say (and act in ways) that not entirely genuine for humorous ends; saying we really like something that we don’t necessarily like. Not necessarily ironically as we don’t always mean the opposite; our actual opinion might very well be neutral. Over the years it has become confusing at times, does he really like that rubbish programme he talks about liking in a seemingly jokey way? Because he watches it every week, like I say – confusing.

Back to this comment. I want to be very clear: I am not mocking someone being nice enough to mean this, it’s good. But if this were to actually happen would it not be a bit odd? If the woman at the clinic were to say to a member of staff, “Hi, my friend was here recently and accidentally took a book home with her son. I don’t have the book, I’m not returning it. No, she doesn’t want me to tell you she will return it or want me to pass on a few pounds to replace it. She just wants me to pass on her apologies.”

See it seems like I’m being mean here, I’m not – I’m just pointing out that if she did mean for her friend to pass on this apology then it just might be best if the request were ignored. It’s just a bit too much, no?

*I was tempted to but a comment about the political landscape and the players who have threatened this bastion of humanity we have in Britain. But I didn’t. If I had it would have been about people voting Liberal Democrats at the last election should be just as vilified as Cameron and his coven as they voted for a spineless party who facilitated the Conservative bastards looking at the NHS as a means to an end (money, it’s  always money where they are concerned). But is a social networking status about how great the NHS is really the place for mentioning politics? I’m being facetious, unfairly so – not every political statement requires partisan comment. Aside from now wanting to be involved in Socratic debate about politics on someone else’s status, it could be inferred that I was suggesting anyone reading the comment (specifically the writer of the status) had voted that way. I don’t know their political leaning and I certainly have enough respect for them not to assume anything. So, I left it – I’m aware people are generally not interested or concerned with my thoughts. And I think everyone knew what the status was saying: VOTE LABOUR (this is my reading of it anyway).

Damned Lies

WordPress told me I got my 7000th ‘hit’ yesterday. No, the blogging site does not monitor my recreational use of opiates but ‘a hit’ in this sense means that someone has clicked on the blog. It would be wrong at this time not to acknowledge the picture of the WWF wrestlers Earthquake and Typhoon I posted last February as it accounts for around 5% of this total. And yes, that is a depressing thought.

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