Thursday 23 February 2012


My brain is addled. I can never remember anything anymore. I have taken to making notes of things I think so I can fake remembering things. Only today despite being 10 minutes or so since talking about something with colleagues I couldn’t remember what it  was we had been talking about. I think I had made a joke at the end of it that I was quite proud of and was thinking there’s tomorrow’s blog sorted (my life is woefully boring this week; I am having to grasp on to things to write about). But, as I say, it had gone in a matter of minutes.

The simple solution was to ask my colleagues – none of them remembered what we had just been talking about either. We all remembered talking about what books we had read in English Literature for GCSE but couldn’t remember what we had talked about before that. For clarification purposes I should point out that we had previously (to the topic we couldn’t remember) talked about what we books we had studied at school; I am not saying we couldn’t remember what conversations we had before we studied for our GCSEs. None of us knew each other then so we had no conversations at all. (For anyone interested: Lord of The Flies and MacBeth).

I don’t actually remember forgetting the thing and being annoyed by it, I just made a note of it. In fact if someone could mimic by handwriting it could all be a huge ruse.


I do, however, remember people talking about what they were giving up for lend. It kind of passes me by this whole lend thing; being both unreligious and against obeying some conventions. Re: the religious thing – shit he’s going all Gervais – it seems to me that to do a religious thing like lend and not be religious is a bit daft,but hey – that’s people!! (I might copyright that as my catchphrase). Re: the convention thing, yeah I’m such a fucking rebel aren’t I? But it’s just like new year’s resolutions: I don’t see the point of arbitrary days to start not doing something; or arbitrary lengths of time for not doing something.

HAHA! My best joke was calling it borrowed instead of lend. I am mega funny.

(In the interests of anyone thinking I actually think it is called lend, please don’t think that I could be 33, like dead Jesus, and not know that it is called lent. or have a capital l at the front of it.)


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