Sunday 19 February 2012

What’s Annoying Me in My Comedy Book Today

After the disappointment of WednesdaySunshine on Putty: The Golden Age of British Comedy from Vic Reeves to The Office let me down again today. The writer is quoting someone talking about the popularity of Reeves and Mortimer and says when they got on the telly they were well liked but when they went to the North-East “they literally had security”. Literally. I know I probably go on too much about people using the word literally incorrectly but this just seemed particularly bad for some reason. Or is it me? Have I missed something? Is having security a figurative phrase for something else?

Did you ever hear of someone saying they or someone else has/had security and not mean it in a literal sense? No. Me neither.

Less Limit

I watched Limitless today. You know, it’s that one with the good looking one from The Hangover and The Hangover 2 where he takes a pill and it makes him dead clever and stuff. You must have been aware of it even if you didn’t see it – come on!! You do: the trailer wasn’t that good and the poster was shit. Anyway, it’s not that bad; I half enjoyed it even. But the first thing this guy does when his brain goes amazing is write about half of this book he’s been procrastinating for months/years – fair enough. The second thing? He tidies his flat.

That’s what we’d all do though isn’t it? We realised we had unlocked our brain and were now able to do anything, you’d straighten your book shelves and neaten your stack of CDs. 

Commercial Break

You think of a commercial as something in between programmes and mid-way through programmes. They are something you turn over from to look what is on the BBC channels or ignore while you make a cup of vodka, or perhaps you go to the toilet and do a few lines of ching – whatever tickles your fancy. My point is that is what television commercials are. Now they are things that certain You Tube videos and TV catch-up services make you watch in order to commence watching a programme you could probably live without watching anyway. Only you don’t do you? You open a new tab on your internet do don’t you? You open a new tab on your Google Chrome or your Internet Explorer or your Mozilla Firefox don’t you? Or your Safari browser if you’re an Apple guy. Whatever…you’re opening a new tab…I suppose it might be a window rather than a tab – some people open new windows rather than new tabs don’t they?

Anyway, you’ve got a new tab open haven’t you? And you just read a story on one of the websites you like. Generally Guardian for me. I’m like that, though, ‘free thinkers welcome’ etc. So that’s what adverts are to me now – something to ignore in another internet tab. Other than not be watched on telly.

Bit of observational comedy for you there.

More? More?

How annoying is it when the noise of a phone vibrating in a film or television programme comes on your television? I don’t know if it’s normally, especially in films, an iPhone – like what I’ve got that makes it all the more confusing but it is (right confusing). But I’m always looking round for my phone – even though I know it wont be anyone trying to be ring me because I’m abhorrent.

It’s not as easy as John Bishop makes it look is it this observational comedy? When he just says something like “it’s dead rubbish getting out of bed when it’s cold and you’re tired, isn’t it” everybody just laughs and throws £20 notes at him.


Want to see a picture of a man staring into a whole in the street? Here you go.

He really was stood there quite a while looking into it.

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