Friday 17 February 2012

Adi Dassler’s Customer Service

Three cheers for Adidas! Their customer service really is excellent. I am quick enough to complain about people being shit so I see no reason why I shouldn’t sing the praises of someone’s for a change. I bought a pair of trainers from the Adidas website. They were too small. I (I say I it was really my girlfriend) phoned a hotline and UPS came and collected the trainers the same day (Tuesday) and by today they had credited me the refund, including the postage and packing fee which is often where people will stiff you.

That said the modern logo is still shit and the classic one is still the effing truth.


I saw Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes do their Jay and Silent Bob Get Old show at the Apollo tonight. I have a couple of Smith’s An Evening with… DVDs so was really looking forward to it. These shows are based around the JASBGO podcasts and advertised as such, they were in no way advertised as anything like the Q & A structure the the AEWKS shows have. Regardless, I couldn’t help be slightly disappointed by the fact that this wasn’t a Q & A with lots of anecdotes about Bruce Willis, Star Wars and Ben Affleck.

Essentially the show was the two men sat behind a desk and they went through the following bits,

  • Smith explained that he liked Manchester because of a song from Hairspray (see below) and because of 24 Hour Party People (the film about Tony Wilson with Steve Coogan in it – not the Happy Mondays song of the same name).
  • Mewes explained that he didn’t know anything about Manchester but that he liked the buildings and shit.
  • Smith quickly gathered mentioning United or City was not conducive to the atmosphere he was trying to create as it turns people in to fucking morons. For some reason people who probably couldn’t name most of the players on either team for some reason start booing and cheering football when they are anywhere other than watching a football game.
  • He then realised that mentioning London was equally bad to mention but at least combined the distaste of all the room with boos.
  • Mewes then told an anecdote about buying and trying a herbal viagra.
  • Mewes then told an anecdote about seeing a woman’s lower half lay on a bed as he was in hit hotel bedroom, and how he looked at it waiting to see more and preparing to masturbate until he ultimately realised it was a man.
  • Smith then told us about his ill dog.
  • Three people were taken from the audience and had to simulate sex with Mewes.

Up until the last two bits I was almost constantly interested and often amused; which is no mean feet for two men nattering away unrehearsed on stage. I couldn’t give a fuck about someone else’s dog being sick, though. And people being asked on stage from the audience at ANYTHING is generally shit. I don’t pay £35 to see normal, untalented people on stage. If I want to see attention hungry, untalented twats I will watch Britain’s Got Talent. Or look in a mirror.

All in all it was alright.

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