Friday 10 February 2012

In To View

I have been undergoing an interview process this week; clearly I am bound by professionalism and strict social networking guidelines from discussing the intricacies of the process, but it has been a more expansive process than I am used to. I have been involved in personality testing and profiling and discussions of said profiling ahead of the actual interview, which took place today. No-one has actually said what part this profiling would play in the decision making process..along with not really explaining the process the HR department also didn’t tell me where the interview would be.

I rang them, the HR department. “Oh, right. We normally do tell people but Natasha Kaplinsky (I have inserted an alternative name than the name actually given here) is on leave and didn’t confirm the details to you before she finished.” It was a relief to know that it was just negligence and not malice. And though the initial mistake was definitely Natasha Kaplinsky’s (still on the pseudonym of the colleague here, not suggesting the TV star was implicit in any way) one has to ask about the competence of her colleagues. My interview was definitely not the first of the day, it may have even been the last. So three or four people before me had needed to ring to ask where the interviews were. At no stage did it strike anyone in this office that the other people being interviewed might also need to know the venue.

Perhaps it was all part of the test. I stupidly mentioned I was awaiting the interview on Facebook. This led to some ‘good luck’ comments. Not that I didn’t appreciate any warm wishes but it wasn’t why I mentioned it. I don’t put things on about me for attention – I put ridiculous comments or bilious statements on for attention. Everybody ignores them, though, even though they are brilliant. I am pretty sure I didn’t get the job by the way, though rather than put me out of my misery there and then I will have to wait until Monday to be declared clinically not good enough for a job that I could do easily.

It is annoying to have to wait until after the weekend. I know this would be annoying for anyone. I am not trying to make out other people are not annoyed by having to wait over a weekend. I am not filling out personality profiles claiming the one unique thing about me is that I get frustrated by having to wait for news about things. What I am saying is this is the only bit that flummoxes my brain. I don’t really get stressed out about the process like a lot of people do. Or worry about it. And, unless I think there has been injustice, I will be pretty accepting of rejection (the practice at not being wanted for much of my life by people I wanted did in fact have a positive impact on me in helping me develop this acceptance that life is as it is and there’s no point getting wound up by it. Thanks years of rejection and self loathing! You’re the best).

Flan Again?

Today’s pictorial treat is me trying to recreate actor Helen Flanagan’s trademark pout from whenever she puts a picture on Twitter (example or example, there are lots of examples of her doing this pout; these were just two where her breasts weren’t on show. But, yes – I follow her for those pictures. Sue me for finding someone attractive with large breasts attractive). I can’t really pull the look off.

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