Saturday 07 January 2012

The Lass with The Tats of a Dinosaur

Lord only knows how watching The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo didn’t get in yesterday’s blog. I guess I was way too excited with my Bob Holness anecdote and links to insignificant internet pages.

Everyone wants to know what I think of TGWTDT though. Don’t they?

Watching a film adaptation of a book you have read is always a traumatic affair. “No way I imagined him being played by Damon Wayans and they cast Jamie Foxx” or “They cut the storyline about the central character’s cousin’s friend’s schoolfriend’s ran in to the central character’s cousin’s friend outside a shop when he was with the central character’s cousin and the central character; wait that was more a minor event than a storyline..oh and there it is, they didn’t cut it” are just two of the things you might say after reading a book and then seeing the adaptation.

I am not sure when I read TGWTDT but I got it last Christmas so it was definitely in the last 12 months. So [ALERT: if you are temporarily blinded by AMAZING mathematics do not read the next sentence; or prepare for a period of blindness] it has been less than 12 months. So it was all fresh in my head – that’s what I am saying: I had an opinion on what everyone looked like in my head and I had had it recently.

Oh and the ‘having read it’ thing means unless they changed the story then there would be no surprises. There were no surprises. They did cut stuff [there’s a storyline where the main guy has a relationship with a woman – a SEXUAL relationship – but when I saw this woman was being played by Geraldine James I knew that, the SEXUAL relationship was not going to happen; Hollywood does not let James Bond have sex with a 61-year-old woman].

One more thing: when you set something in a foreign country decide what you’re doing with accents. There was a combination of people doing their own accents [Daniel Craig] and American’s doing Swedish [Rooney Mara] and some Swedish, in minor roles obviously. And they had stuff like the ‘you haven’t got a signal’ message on a phone in Swedish.

All these things aside I don’t think I am the right person to comment on the film.

It did have Jim Robinson in it though. He’s in everything isn’t he?

What? You insist I have an opinion on it? Ok. It’s a decent film. It’s got a lot of fine actors doing a solid day’s work. And it’s a good story. Could have been directed by anyone. When it was directed by one of the most stylised directors of recent years which was a bit disappointing. I think someone who hadn’t read the book would have enjoyed it more than I did. Fact.

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