Monday 02 January 2012

Leavecember Comes to an End

This was the last day of what, some weeks ago, I charmingly christened Leavecember. Without a shadow of a doubt it has got nowhere near succeeding with doing anything I wanted to. I don’t even feel refreshed. It is sad to think that that Hitler achieved more of his dreams than I did; none of mine involve killing anyone and certainly not wiping out races. All I wanted to do was try and create something and maybe look for a job that didn’t make me occasionally shut my eyes before crossing the road on the walk to work (in the hope I am hit – non-lethally – by a bus).

The big question will be, how many emails have I got in my Inbox? Any less than 100 and I am officially meaningless and not needed; any more than 103 and it will make me depressed that I will have to spend the time answering/deleting them all.

Putting Things in Order

Regardless of al my bluster about new years just being another day it is inevitable that the yearly ritual of assessing where one is at will happen around about now (or your birthday, or both for twice yearly self assessors). I didn’t think much of 2011. I really hate my job and I think I might be done with South Manchester. When I first moved here I was all hyped up about getting away from Stalybridge and I have had a good run here but increasingly I feel alone and secluded here. My social life has all but evaporated and I feel like it might be worth a change of scene. Another part of me also thinks that this is just a phase I am in and I just should just accept that as you get older everyone has stuff to do and not everyone wants to sit around talking about sport, tv, books and films when they have jobs that occupy them, houses that need decorating (and then redecorating once the initial decorating cycle has finished) and children to grow and then wipe, dress, teach to speak French etc.

Not that I am immune to being part of adult decisions. We bought a new vacuum cleaner today. Just be lucky I didn’t do before and after shots of how effective the bad boy was: it sucked man!! Hahahaahahahaha (Explanation for people not familiar with American vernacular – something sucking means it is rubbish -confusingly as does something blowing – so I am playing on the fact that a good vacuum cleaner SHOULD suck! Haha, see it was great.)

Not to be content with a new vacuum cleaner I also set about some cardboardpentry (carpentry using cardboard) making a little cover for my iPod speaker so the light doesn’t keep someone up in the night. I am not saying anyone in my bed is fussy about iPod lights/volume of iPod but someone is. And it isn’t me. So, I made this little (what can very badly be described as a) kennel for the bit of the speaker with the bright light on it.


I had to stop caring about stats on this blog. I can see how many people read it at the click of a button you see. It’s easy to get a bit preoccupied though and when my monthly readership started to dip by 50/60 hits it’s not hard to work out that a couple of loyal readers (I have little else than a small band of loyal readers) had gone. When that pretty much means a couple of your friends who had read it every day just decided to stop reading it..well as I say you can get preoccupied with the stats which doesn’t mix well with a paranoid mind and a healthy amount of self loathing.

But…these two snippets I do think are worth mentioning. [1] I got this email from WordPress, who host the blog. It was like a ‘happy new year’ email telling me all these stat breakdowns for my blog over the year. The one that stood out was the one that said, and I quote, “In 2011, there were 343 new posts”. Hmmm. I wont say any more about it but hopefully you can spot what might not be accurate about something claiming in a CALENDAR YEAR where I do a BLOG EVERY DAY the number 343 might be a little incorrect. [2] As well as numbers of visitors there are other stats; for example I can see what people have searced for on search engines to reach my blog (depressingly this is normally’Earthquake and Typhoon WWF’). The stats for today showed that two people reached my blog by searching for ‘Stalybridge cum tits’. I am not sure why that would lead to my blog. Well obviously in the future I can – it will be because of this. The case remains unsolved.

We Need To Talk About We Need To Talk About Kevin

Actually we don’t need to talk about We Need To Talk About Kevin but I really like saying we need to talk about We Need To Talk About Kevin. I did watch it today. It’s good. I haven’t read the book and I didn’t really know too much about it. What I did know made it obvious what the main bad thing that the titular Kevin had done. There was something I wasn’t necessarily expecting but wasn’t exactly shocked by. The chronology of the narrative starts all messed up and you jump around a bit which helps makes the extra shock less obvious. Inevitably the film is better after this all calms down a bit. The actors (Ezra Miller and Jasper Newell) portraying Kevin certainly earn their cheese as you don’t doubt for one moment he is a fucking little twat. I certainly can see why people are saying it is one of the films of the year. I don’t think it is but I can see all the motifs that make it the kind of film that people are all impressed by, for me it’s just a solid 7/10 film and certainly wouldn’t require a rewrite of yesterday’s top 5. Deffo worth a watch though. Unless maybe you’re raising a child that is being a bit difficult at the moment as you might drown it just to be on the safe side.

Ohohohohohoh..forgot to talk about Endeavour, the Morse prequel. It was whizzer!

Ah well time to put away my Christmas plate until next Christmas. Only joking, I use it all year round; it

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