Friday 30 December 2011

Lost in a Daze

Officially lost all sense of what day it is by now. There are certain totems of what ‘weekend’ and ‘weekday’ are. For me these are being at work (weekday), afternoon football (weekend), getting drunk (post 29 years of age – weekend)¹. I thought I might have more than that y’know. Kind of makes sense that my life boils down to work (let’s be clear, this is in a negative way: it’s not a ‘my job is my life’ type declaration), football and drinking; sad sense, but sense.

Leavecember robbed me of the work aspect but with football as my ‘day of the week North Star’ and, importantly, other people being at work helped me sustain where I was at day-wise. Christmasazzle completely ripped this away from me. Ones like this year – where the eve/day are weekend days are even worse; football fixtures at 3 o’clock on a Tuesday? Absolutely mental. It’s kind of like jet lag but with days (and disorientation being caused by stupidity rather than international travel across time zones).

¹In years past I probably would have included television programmes in knowing where and when I was but who the fuck watches television when it’s ‘on’ anymore? Fucking hell you might as well ride a horse to a 35 hour shift darn t’mill if you want to live in the past.

The More Things Change

I remember when singers in bands declaring they were going to take over the world actually being in good bands and more importantly in a band with some chance of, well, taking over the world. Well, not really taking over the world in a real sense; I mean more like being quite popular in England. For a bit. You know the level I mean, Radio 1 supporting an album launch; the red button showing  a gig for a few days & headlining the second stage on Friday night at Glastonbury. That big.

Look at this, however, and yearn for the days when Noel and Liam said ridiculously grandiose things about Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants. The fucking Enemy. The Enemy! Apparently it’s time for them to save music..AGAIN! I’m slightly unclear as to when was the last time The Enemy saved music. Was it when they released a selection of – admittedly sometimes quite good – We’ll Live and Die in These Towns, a kind of tepid collection of songs The Jam might have recorded had Paul Weller just been trying to sound passionate rather than actually being passionate and a gifted songwriter? Or was it in 2009 when they released the Music for the People – featuring top 16 single No Time for Tears? Admittedly had it been the latter we might not know about him saving music as no-one knew about the album being released¹.

As with all declarations of taking over the world the war cry is tempered with the addendum that if no-one likes or buys this album (aka Music for the People all over again) the group will probably disband.

¹In the interests of complete honesty and disclosure I should share that I just checked my iTunes and I DO HAVE Music for The People on there. That means nothing, I have 16,000 songs on there and generally only listen to The Very Best of Cat Stevens or if I’m rocking out – Paulo Nutini’s seminal hymn to women taking their time when weighing up the pros and cons of a relationship with a younger man, Jenny Don’t Be Hasty.

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