Saturday 24 December 2011

Rocking Robin

If I didn’t feel un-Christmassy enough (I don’t want to shatter any illusions but the buzz of Harrods was merely fleeting) the piss poor decision – of whoever runs these things – to make it rain wasn’t helping anything. And it was fucking warm. I had walked around London in a t-shirt on Thursday for crying out loud. Admittedly I AM asking for snowy, streetlamped, Dickensian London to satisfy me..but quite clement temperatures and constant rain? That is JULY weather for fuck’s sake.

Walk The Line

It was my boy Scott’s birthday today, which meant he were in charge of where we might imbibe drinks. He gave us two meeting options The Buffet Bar, at the bottom of Stalybridge at 7.30 or The Old Hunters Tavern, at the top of Stalybridge at 8. I’d spent the afternoon at my sister’s house – which is near The Hunters (she’s just across the way from The Sportsman Inn, for people doing a mental map of where I was in relation to Stalybridge public houses). It’s common sense this isn’t it – you just forego the buffet bar drink and go to The Hunters.

Not one for over complicating my life – seeing as it was raining so heavily – I decided to walk to my mate Ste’s [near The Fox people who are doing that mental map thing] which is further away than The Buffet Bar. It wasn’t all that terrible as I had borrowed an umbrella – but it was made more difficult because I was trying to do an hilarious status update on Facebook, which is hard in the windy rain while carrying an umbrella. It was pure funny though – but didn’t even get one ‘like’, that’s my lot on Facebook these days: brilliant sardonic wit in the middle of pictures of children being adorable. Fortunately I am not bitter, though.

Mr Bob Dobalina

Where was I – not wallowing in self-pity, I mean before that – oh yeah. I’d walked past the really convenient place and past the inconvenient place to knock on for my boy Yazoo. After having a quick can at his we decided it made no sense to walk to the (nearby) Buffet Bar to then walk to The Hunters so we got a taxi straight to the Hunters. In real terms I had walked 20 minutes in the rain to pay for a taxi back to where I had been. I did get a can of lager out of it though.

As is all that wasn’t enough…we got in The Hunters to find Dave and Ian with a table so had seats in a packed pub. Then Scott got in and said there was plenty of room in the snug. Unfortunately the 98 people who were stood with out party had a head start and took all the seats so we ended up stood up – as clearly someone got the table we left the moment we left it. Not the kind of thing that bothers me that though – and certainly not the kind of thing I would highlight in a blog.

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