Monday 19 December 2011

What a (Lan)tern up for The Books

I was catching up with perhaps my second favourite daily blog today. Herring’s blog is awesome – he is one of my favourite comedians. He is not afraid of running with a tone or content to make himself look stupid for the sake of a gag. I am almost certain that his amazement at Chinese Lanterns in this blog is not for any other purpose than conveying being genuinely impressed by these new fangled, centuries old Chinese celebratory mini hot-air balloons. He is like 43 or something – and well-travelled – so it seems amazing that he has never seen anyone let some of these off in England in the last few decades.

Maybe it is me with all my fancy South Manchester hip friends/associates – perhaps everyone is a stranger to Chinese Lanterns. It’s just that I see loads of people doing them on New Years Eves and other celebratory days (maybe even Chinese New Year¹).

¹Do members of the Chinese community just call them lanterns? And if so do they get them mixed up with what we in the West call lanterns or do they call them ‘Western Lanterns’ or something? Could members of the Chinese community or, preferably, an English expert on the Chinese community let me know please?

World of Toss

I am not sure ‘hunting’ does imply the possibility of failure. Just the act of saying someone is a hunter – does that imply failure? Maybe if you said “Every day Chuck Norris goes hunting but not every day does he return a hunter”. Then you have implied failure. Describing someone as a hunter, to me, implies that they kill animals for food/sport/misplaced sexual energy. Sure if I was going to then analyse it I would eventually think of the days when hunting was not successful but it is not implied simply by saying someone is a hunter. By that means failure to do any verb is implied by its use. And, of course, all meaning is by its nature partly to do with everything a word/phrase does not mean. But let’s not get over the top on this. The amount of over-thinking I have done on a World of Warcraft advert is just the right amount of over-thinking. Any more than that and I would just look sa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Birthday Girl

It was my girlfriend’s birthday today. I took her out for a fancy meal to celebrate. Here is a picture of her enjoying it. The little lad in the background doesn’t look like he is having much fun. I know how he feels though: when I was little I was uncomfortable being in posh, expensive eateries too.

I have set a pretty high benchmark with this birthday treat. Who knows how I will top it next year? Unless of course I have dumped her to go out with Alison Brie.

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