Sunday 18 December 2011

I’ve Got Ides

After watching Ides of March the other week (not much bad about it but has no third act) I looked up what ides meant. I’d heard the phrase before but just assumed it was something brilliant and clever. It literally just means ‘the 15th’ though. So the person who said ‘beware the ides of March’ to Julius Caesar was just saying ‘look out for yourself on the 15th of March’. It’s not as interesting as meaning some kind of plague of vampire geese is it?

Despite its inherent dullness as a phrase I decided that I would overuse it on the next 15th of a month. I realised today I completely missed doing it. Inevitable really – got a bit over excited about something that is not particularly interesting only to forget about it completely/not doing anything. Certainly not in keeping with Leavecember- in which not only have I not done any of the enjoyable things I was planning – I haven’t even done the clothes washing required. I really am a pathetic little loser. Ah well at least the remainder of December is there for me to accomplish stuff and there are no reasons for me to spend several days with my family/going out for xmas drinks.


Speaking of drinks, the ones I had yesterday left me I bit tender today. I thought I had remembered anything of interest when I was writing my blog though – hence the pictures. But when I went to put my iPhone on the music (when I was having a shower) it was in the middle of a song that reminded me that I had been playing Wiley’s Wearing My Rolex on the train back to town last night. Not with headphones – on the table, out of the speakers as loud as they would play. Yeah. I am 33. To be fair I think I was stepping in to the void of someone else’s music finishing on the table next to us. So in many ways I would be described as a hero by people looking on. Then I put The Stone Roses on – showing how clued up and cool I am.

Speaking of speaking of drinks – tonight I went for drinks to celebrate my girlfriend’s impending birthday. I didn’t really want to go – because of the tenderness. But, to be completely fair, she was the only person who came out for my birthday drink so I really owed her that much. I am such a good boyfriend: going drinking beer with good people for her. You are right, reader, she probably doesn’t realise how lucky she is.


Shortlist is still annoying me. Look at this advert for one of those little robot vacuum cleaner things. The ’90s’ gift is clearly meant to be a Nintendo DS, they didn’t come out until well after the the millenium. The idiots. For this reason I will not be spending several hundred pounds on a vacuum cleaner that cleans up itself.


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