Saturday 17 December 2011


Daft boozy December – be gone and take your enforced (and enjoyable –  but let’s not get caught up in stuff like enjoyment) gatherings of friends and love ones with their alcohol based lubrication. Yep, another day another sack of booze lost in my gulliver. I am suffering with a hangover so I’ll just put the three pictures I took yesterday and explain them. Here we go *said like the beginning of that Chemical Brothers song*.

Oxford Road

Just took this one cos I liked the view. Here is the original – amazing what a bit of tinkering with Photoshop Express on the old iPhone will do eh? I’m not saying the original is terrible but this one is miles better eh? I mean, it’s black and white. Nuff said.

Oxy Road

Bad Punctuation

They spent enough money on a glossy, colour poster and  put enough creativity in (if you can describe just swapping the word ‘factor’ for fighter and using the logo of X-Factor as creativity) to this. But didn’t think to have someone who knew that the plural of something DOES NOT include an apostrophe.  I would also hazard a guess that there is only one final.


Once, twice, three time's¹ an error

¹Yes – it’s on purpose.

Mr Scrooge

This is just a picture of a beer pump, with a pint in front of it. My mate Scott (@Shep2412) does a daily Twitter of a real ale. His phone had died (and he had forgotten his money – I think he is actually a con man and has been being one of my best mates for the last 5 years so he could get a tenner out of me to buy a round (we were in Stalybridge – you can get a round for under a tenner), so much for his long con – I had no money to lend him). It was nice though kids – go get yourself a pint of it.

"A pint of Mr Scrooge please"

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