Sunday 11 December 2011


I only realised as I wrote the date that I missed out on it being 11:12:11 (seconds) on 11/12/11, AM and PM. Stuff like that is very important to me. And given when I am writing this, I have missed out on on 12:12:11 (seconds) on 12/12/11 as well. Well thanks a fucking bunch, world; why did none of you remind me? Too fucking busy making cups of tea and shooting pheasant – depending on your class (former- working class, latter-poshos).


I discovered some rubbish on the stairs last night. It looked like stuff had fallen out of a bin bag. It annoyed me somewhat. But because I am reasonable and not a massive cunt (this is just my opinion, yes it is an opinion 51 psychological, 32 psychiatric tests and one misplaced road safety test – do NOT back up) I decided to let it go for a while. It is not that outrageous to think maybe someone was taking rubbish out when they were going out and the bag split and they wanted to clean up the mess and the taxi had been waiting for ages already. And they were in a rush because they were running late and they were going to a surprise party and they would get in major trouble if they weren’t there for the entrance of the person/people whose birthday/anniversary it was.

But that is only an excuse for not sorting out it last night. They should have sorted it when they got back – or this morning if they were drunk. I suppose they could have stayed somewhere but if so why were they getting a taxi? If people stay somewhere they drive there. FACT.

Long story short*, I put a poster up. I know I missed an e from everyone – my proofreader died in a helicopter duel on Saturday.


*I realise you’re supposed to say that at the start and then don’t babble on for ages.

Xmas Film

You’ve got to be watching Christmas films by this time of December. Gots to be. I do have to debate what a Christmas film means with my girlfriend every time I put one on. Tonight it was The Appartment. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, it’s so a Christmas film – there is a drunk Santa in it, a Christmas tree and someone takes an overdose on Christmas Eve. It could not be any more Christmassy if it tried (it does not try to be Christmassy).

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