Wednesday 07 December 2011

Hangover Pt 2 (million)

My genius plan not to have a hangover today had been thus:  not drink lager. Lager is the only beverage that causes hangovers right? So I shared a couple of bottle of wine over the works meal (despite counter claims by Pauly D that I had 1½  of the two wines) and then had about 14 gin and tonics. And a couple of pints of lager when I was bored of waiting between gin and tonics. I can only assume that these couple of pints of lager were the cause of my hangover this morning. Lager is a nightmare.

Cock Pictures

Yeah it was annoying being off work with a hangover – feels like I am wasting a day when I could be at work not doing anything. Here’s some fun: guess what I was doing to amuse myself  by looking at this exchange of texts between me and my girlfriend.

Competition Time

Did you guess what it was? Well I wont ruin it by telling you what it was; maybe you are thinking about it still and me saying what the answer is would ruin it…aw you’ve probably guessed already anyway, I was telling her about how impressed I was with the camera on my new iPhone 4S. And showing her by sending some pictures.

I’m probably gonna get done for putting this whole ‘texting pictures of my cock to my girlfriend’ bit in. I want to make it clear that they weren’t sent as sexts.

Bud – wiser?

I wonder if I am not normal because the Budweiser wassssup adverts still play a part in my everyday life. By ‘play a part’ I mean that I say ‘wassssup’ quite often. I get the feeling that most people got bored of it. So, who was wrong? Me or everybody else? I was left looking after my one-year-old niece today so thought I would test the theory – would she be entertained by it for about ten years or get bored of it quickly. Here is the highly scientific bit of research:

So there you go…three times. That’s how often a one-year-old was entertained by the slogan. And she doesn’t really mind something being repetitive; she made me run and do a belly flop on the settee about 20 times shortly after this research video was made.


Three days in. Nothing achieved. Leavecember is on course.

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