Saturday 03 December 2011

Police Police Me

I intended to write about something on the GMP website but they’ve removed the story so I can’t. Damn not doing a screen-grab – damn it to hades.

It was an appeal for information that might to lead to the arrest of someone who had been arrested and they appeared to have all the information they needed: he had driven a car in to a tree, he was drunk, they had him arrested. Not sure what further information they were after, though this might be the reason the story is no longer on the website.


I had some Christmas drinks with my friends tonight. Popular questions were:

  • How have you managed Leavecember? Taking leave from work.
  • Have you used all your leave doing it? No. 14 days. I will have 6 days leave left to last me until the end of March.
  • What are you going to do? Nothing.
  • Where are you going? Nowehere.

That cleared that up then.

**** ***** was ***??

Being a large group of football obsessed lads it as inevitable the subject of **** **** would come up. Apparently he was ***. And a newspaper were going to run the story and he knew and that’s why he **** himself. There were other details that friends had learned from sources of differing reliability; though searching Twitter for ‘****& ***** &***’ revealed that the rumours were not restricted to a small group of Stalybridgians (and someone from Audenshaw).

I am certainly not going to suggest there is any truth in it. It is sad that it is so believable thing. It really shouldn’t be believable that a man being *** and involved in football (or anything) would be bad enough to drive a man to **** himself. It is 2011 for fucks sake. As I said though it is all rumour and though it might turn out to be true it might just as well turn out to be all lies. I think people are looking for a rumour to believe because it was so shocking.

The McDonalds in Milan

One of my mates likes telling me about the McDonalds in a Milanese shopping street. All the signs are black and golf because it is proper classy. And even the McDonalds is. He’s not lying look. To be fair I might make this sound like he is weird for telling me about it. We were talking about Milan and he is a McDonalds manager – and I am a big fan of the golden arches. And he asked me if he had told me about it before and I told him he hadn’t because I wanted to hear about it again. So I completely made out he was a bore about it when it was my fault he was telling me about it again. That is soooooooo me.

Sadly I can’t find any photos of the packaging – like the fries box – on google. An outside being black and gold is kind of cool but the fries box and stuff being black and gold is what you want really want. Ok, it’s what I really want.


*that’s for Whitey.

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