Tuesday 29 November 2011

I’m Loving It

Not sure I will ever learn that a McDonalds breakfast is never really a good idea – and certainly only wise when I can go and have a lie down not long after having one. Why is this? The tiny snack that is a Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin with two hash browns is surely good for you isn’t it? I don’t really understand all that fat/sugar/calories malarkey but my understanding is that the DSEM is the same as having some fruit.

Oddly though the after effects of DSEM are a slow slide in to nausea whereas there is no such slide with fruit. There is a definite depletion in hunger after a DSEM – the same cannot necessarily be said for fruit though. I have no idea what all this proves though – I am sorry. This has hardly been Supersize Me. I think all I have managed to prove that fruit and McDonalds food are equally good/bad for you.

No Personality

You could have been fooled in to thinking it was a slow news week with the fuss that was made over the publication of the list of the ten nominees for the BBC’s Sports Personality of The Year Awards. They are literally a popularity contest. They are a joke of an awards ceremony with no merit. Westlife have more number ones in the Top 40 than Amadeus means Westlife are more important to music?

Predictably The Guardian were outraged. Yes, they had nominated women in their short list. Victoria Pendleton was one of them – as far as I can make out she is not the most successful track cyclist of all the British women in 2011; so what’s that all about? If you’re going to just put a woman on there to be right on then that’s evem more patronising.

And give it a rest with Andy Murray. He is in the top 4 tennis players on the planet. It’s a big deal/achievement (especially given some of the other names on the list). And Luke Donald made the most money on the PGA tour. England’s cricket team won The Ashes in Australia and became the best test cricket playing country in the world – the cricketers are not there because of patriarchy.

I’m not fucking stupid or ignorant that there is a bigger issue here; the media coverage given to male and female sport is not equal. The money is not on the same planet. Commercial earnings tends not to be a meritocracy and people (not just men) tend to go and watch certain sports – and generally men. It is hardly surprising to see golf, tennis, cricket etc names up there. The people who voted are people who edit things that have to sell. Trust me if there was an audience for women’s rugby league someone would provide for it (i.e. drain every last pence out of it that they could)…Admittedly I don’t see that day coming any time soon but the point is, it’s not here yet.

The place to make genders in sports ‘equal’ – whatever the fuck that means – is not at some ridiculous awards ceremony. A lot of successful British sportswomen have had a quiet year, it’s just a fact. Hint: it’s the year before we host the Olympics. A lot of our best sportswomen are successful in sports that the Olympics is the pinnacle. No-one wants to miss it or be too tired for it. There will be plenty of female swimmers, cyclists, athletes, and much more pushing for the list in 2012. The reason will be because they will have been successful in the spotlight i.e. the Olympic Games.

I’ve lost my way a bit here: I wasn’t trying to bash women in sport. I do think there should be equality between people who are equal…sometimes I feel so sickeningly like a reader of The Guardian it’s obnoxious. The point is – this shitty, pointless façade of a sports awards ceremony and it means fuck all. It is just trying to collate a list of the ten most prominent faces in big sports stories this year and they all happen to have been men. That no (mainstream) coverage is given to the world Taekwondo World Championship so no-one knows who Sarah Stevenson is – and reading about it when this all broke doesn’t mean you knew who she was.

But yeah – Rebecca Adlington deserves more recognition than Amir Khan: being the best in the World at something is better than having a couple of good work outs and suggesting you have a decent chin.

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