Monday 28 November 2011

Post-it Note Meetings

We have them meetings now at work: someone running the meeting tells us to write things on post-it notes and then we have to write something on them and decide whether the post-it note should be places on a larger piece of paper with words/phrases such as ‘reluctant’, ‘accepting of change’ or ‘doesn’t know what a kaleidoscope is’. As with most meetings I don’t like them and think they are bullshit but I think my favourite bit is definitely when the presenter or a leader of a discussion group is holding a post-it note and asking which of two places it should – sorry we think it should be placed.

“Do you think Bob should be in ‘aware of new processes but not adapting well’ or ‘reluctant to change but hard working’ or maybe’just found out his 15-year-old daughter isn’t his child and while livid at his wife feels slightly less repulsed about looking at her ample busom the other day in a less than fatherly way’? Where shall we put Bob?”

I think post-it notes have their place in meetings about ideas and developing them. I don’t think they work in a meeting where you are being told something.

I do wonder if Ron Jeremy – yes, I know a pornography man’s name – has meetings where someone from a consultancy tells a room of sex actors that they are no longer in pornography but facilitating a stream of an orgasmic services provider.

<<<Still Undecided>>>

As my last week in work before I finish for December commenced I was faced with the ugly prospect of not having a name/brand for my non-working mission. The two clear favourites are Leavecember and DecemPhil. The former encapsulates the combination of it being December and being on leave from work; the latter makes is certain that it’s all about me. Ultimately unless I can come up with something incorporating all three units in the one word/phrase I am going to have to stop using DecemPhil. Certainly I am going to have to stop using it as a label for this specific non-working December anyway – sure all my Decembers are DecemPhils really, but only this DecemPhil is Leavecember.

Happy Blogthday To Me

Yep this is it : the first birthday of my blog, or my bloghthday. Surely the fact that I have just resorted to mashing two words in to one to describe anything I do only serves to ridicule any suggestion that I have neither the intelligence nor the originality to produce an interesting blog every day. EVERY day. I am quite sad I have not been invited to all the parties that everyone is definitely having to celebrate my achievement.

It is quite fitting that my blogthday has fallen at a point where I seem to be falling a bit behind with the blog as I have generally done quite well to keep on top of the daily blog. It was nice (and rare) on the day I was writing my blogthday blog that someone who I had written about had commented on the blog (in which I mentioned him) and not be annoyed. As a result of his good nature I shall vote for Jonathan Ridge in any election for the rest of my life. That seems quite an easy promise to keep as he may never stand in an election I can vote in; and he seems to be a member of The Labour Party so I would anyway.

Hopefully Jonathan will not become a member of the BNP and run in an election I can vote in or my word will be tested. His reaction was certainly better than the one a well known DJ had to my (to be fair, spiteful) write-up of a public appearance he made. Wow, in looking back to find that link I had to go through February’s blogs (I knew it was in February but not the actual date – had you worked that out for yourself?) and there were comments on several blogs. That was back when people said they read my blog and actually read it rather than just lie about it. A bitter man would say something about it’s great that your friends don’t support you by taking a few minutes to read a blog every day. The pragmatic part of me, however, realises people don’t read it because it is shit and full of whiny bits like this moaning about people not reading the blog because it is moany. Ah well.

Anyway, to celebrate one year of moany shit blogs here is a special treat. It’s me after a few beers tonight walking down Platt Lane doing my Al Pacino impression (I have put an effect on the video, I don’t radiate in pink neon as a rule). I am not sure why I do a lot of impressions – I am not good at them but both (a) in my head sounding good and (b) knowing they are bad in reality, really makes me laugh.

So – happy blogthday to me..

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