Saturday 19 November 2011


I forgot about this when I was writing yesterday’s blog.


Did I miss something?


I think monkeys are great  – let’s not get me wrong about that. Whether it be a brilliant theatre group or a sock based soft toy style monkey business, or indeed a heartfelt, imaginative and original combination of the two as an imensely thoughtful gift for a baby. Or monkeys – the animals. I like ’em all.

But how has monkey got on that list? Given that the rest are all highly unimaginative and obvious…I don’t know. I don’t fully believe any of the suggestions in the comments answer why monkey has got in there. I could understand why sojf232pp0000o0o0o0o0o0oo0gkl3 was in there. That would be obvious..shit, I’m going to have to change all my passwords now aren’t I? Or am I? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And that, my friends, is what they call ‘mind games’.

European Christmas

Is it the Christmas Markets? Are they the European Markets? What is are? Well Manchester Council says..well, both. The headline says Christmas Markets but then calls it the European Christmas Markets. People did say European Markets for a while. Now it seems to be firmly Christmas Markets. European Christmas Markets. And French Christmas Market. And German Christmas Market. And World Christmas Market. Some seem to be just Christmas Markets however. Ownership and categorisation of the different markets has definitely become an issue as complex and interesting as this paragraph is worth reading. I am just going to refer to it as ‘the european Christmas’ as in ‘I am just nipping to the European Christmas for a scarf and one of them twat hats’ or ‘the European Christmas was pwopah busy today’.

They are one of the things I am very pro – but that really like experiencing. People are the issue again. Through the day they seem to be full of buggies and kids running around – again I am very for this, I am not ignorant enough to think because I might want a glass of lager somewhere then there shouldn’t be infants. But I don’t like anything getting in my way when I am walking at my preferred pace. The simple solution is simply for me to not go there – so I don’t get annoyed at myself for something that I have no right to be annoyed at. How annoying.

That said I will go. Wwwwwwwwwell. They’re good and Christmassy aren’t they? And I have to do something in Leavecember: only 9 working days left now (I miscalculated the other day, I forget about SSSsssssssssssssssstrike day. Yeah, people call me selfish but I am striking with my brothers’ and sisters’ pensions on November 30th – despite not having a pension myself. Yeah – you’re right to be impressed at my solidarity and determination to strike a blow for the working man (and right to think I should have a pension by my age: I should).

Plus the big sausages* are terrific aren’t they? Really terrific.

*yes like cocks, etc.

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