Thursday 17 November 2011

Training Day

This week has just been me waiting to be really annoyed all day on Friday. As it gets closer I’m afraid it’s not getting any better. I have to do a whole day in a session telling me the difference between change and transition. I can read the two dictionary entries for each word in next to no time and work out the differences myself; I certainly don’t need to have it explained by people reading presentations designed to be accessible to all people. I hate accessible things, it means it is accessible to people a lot less intelligent to me. I do mean to sound superior about this so let’s not pretend I don’t.

A colleague who is not my favourite person to be in any kind of meeting with will be there. She was off today, though I learned that she had suggested perhaps everyone dress down for the meeting or something..what a smashing idea, she really is getting in to the spirit of the thing. Except that there really isn’t a dress code at work and I find the idea of people who thing clothing is reflective of how serious they are taking something slightly ridiculous.They are also the kind of people who shouldn’t ‘dress down’ as they will generally look baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaad. I want to go in wearing a suit after learning this but I am going to watch Sale RFC tomorrow night straight from work and I really can’t be arsed going to Stockport and watching rugby in a suit. Classic Phil dilemma.

I have already been in one meeting with said colleague this week – and that was far too long at an hour. In it she not only quibbled every point, often without merit but was also unprepared when asked for information she had been pre-warned she would need. She is one of those people who has a negative, though non-constructive, take when approached with changes. She voices her already negative points in a tone that would make anything annoying and then when someone points out she is wrong she makes out that she knew this and that the person correcting her is saying what she already knew (which if it was the case begs the question why did you make the point then?) It isn’t helped by the fact that she was sat next to a colleague who is (a) always prepared (b) only ever negative as a last resort (c) offers only constructive criticism -with an emphasis on contructive and (d) just better. It was like how good other people looked when put at the side of George W Bush. Political.

So you could say I was stoked about tomorrow’s day at work.

Life’s Too Short’s Too Easily Judged (by Me)

Credit where it’s due: after last week’s disappointing start Life’s Too Short was great tonight. Tellingly Gervais and Merchant as themselves were only in it briefly and the stage was left for Davies and This is England‘s Rosamund Hanson too shine as, er..Davies and his PA Cheryl. Johnny Depp’s cameo was more than just someone famous saying something ridiculous and was an ego-less joke on his persona. This was quite refreshing as I’d only just caught up on the Depp interview in The Guardian the other week where he was in danger of sounding like a dick: essentially being annoyed at France for wanting him to pay taxes if he lived there. For someone the supposed antithesis of a typical American he didn’t half sound like one for a moment.

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