Tuesday 15 November 2011

The Slap

Ok..ok..I got excited about a new programme – a new Australian drama, based on a best selling book The Slap. Without going in to it, it’s about the events preceding and following some guy slapping a kid at a party. I am a little late to the party as it started three weeks ago. But, it is on iPlayer (for the foreseeable – until December 22 ) and continues on BBC4.

It had a great script, great cast (including Nick from Heartbreak High, man he was dreamy) and was really well directed. It reminded me a bit of Jimmy McGovern’s The Street. 

Just fucking give it a try will you? [Apologies in advance if it’s only episode one that is good and it gets really shit.]


I am writing this listening to the second Eminem album after getting a bit nostalgic for him – he was pretty slow at putting two and two together when realising that the guy writing the letters (Stan) in the song Stan was the guy he’d seen in the news wasn’t he? I probably would have been too embarrassed about how dense I had been in not realising the dead guy was the guy who had been writing to him. Or even respectful of his death and clear mental health issues and not release a song about him…oh wait it’s fictional.

I (am) phone(y) Fo(u)r Shit

Phoney phoney in my hand, who’s got the best mobile broadband?  Not really relevant – but that rhyme is available to any providers of mobile broadband…for the right fee. Obviously it would go alongside a ‘wicked witch’ type character and a mirror – with a face, you know..like in films of Snow White – which would then tell the Wicked Witch that she was with the wrong phone company and should have gone to O2 because they have the best broadband at an unbeatable price. [I used O2 there as an example, it could have been Orange, T-Mobile, Tesco Mobile, 3hree, Vodafone or any other mobile phone provider.]

I drifted there – that was meant to be a paragraph trumpeting the arrival of my new phone. In the end I stayed loyal to Apple and got the 4S. I also stayed with O2 (oh? So using O2 in the advert above was just an example was it? You sell-out bastard). This was as a result of my ice-man bargaining with the Telefonica company. I told them I was leaving as I could get a better deal elsewhere. Their response? To nearly match the other deal. So, here I was; I had a pretty good deal on the table for an iPhone 4S but I could get it elsewhere slightly better. I did the obvious thing and said “Yeah that will do – sign me up”. To be fair it also save me the hassle of changing my number (know you don’t have to, just making excuses) and the deals O2 offer are really good (never used one).

I did come home to a ‘missed delivery’ card. With my laptop playing up (well not starting up) it was another kick in the metaphorical teeth of my technology mouth. However a quick phone call to number on the card, a difficult conversation with a VERY Jamaican courier later and use of some VERY technical advice (start laptop with screen only half open) I had my new phone and my favourite person (my laptop) in full health(ish) again. Jack-a-nack-anory.

I wont bore anyone with all the excitement of my new iPhone 4S, I will leave that to the likes of Stephen Fry et al. Suffice to say I will get all excited about having a camera can do videos again – before getting bored and never using it by weekend (and thereafter – hence ‘never’). However, for the moment I was excited/pathetic enough to make a video of me being not sure if I was making a video or not. Observe:

Sorry about that – how’s about a video of Noel on David Letterman to make up for it? Deal (still my favourite track off his new long player).

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