Thursday 10 November 2011

Bus T’Cap on Yo Ass

A distinct advantage of living within walking distance of work is that I don’t have to get the bus in. [Distinct disadvantage: walking in and having a sweaty back.]

I am sure I have complained about people/students on buses umpteen times before, but they really are annoying. I think getting the bus less makes the things they do MORE annoying as they are in isolation, rather than getting used to them and thus seeming less annoying. Actually, I probably thought they were more annoying due to their incessant occurrence when I saw them every day. You can really spin it any way you choose.

Two major bugbears: people just getting on and standing at the front. I know no-one wants to be stood up towards the rear of the bus; but someone has to in a fair world. Yes: it can be awkward for people to get past you, well tough cheese buddy – you shouldn’t be on a bus if you cant handle being pushed past. Other than ‘it’s just what you should do’ it also creates the impression that the bus is full when it isn’t. Often there are unused seats and certainly standing space but the driver (who is complicit anyway, don’t think I am absolving the drivers) cannot see that there is space and drives past people at Bus Stops thinking the bus is fit to burst.

Secondly, people who are standing: watch your ruddy bags and elbows, you clots. The front seats are often taken by the old(er) or infirm(er) and they just put up with having a rucksack in their mush of some ghastly little oik who doesn’t have the self-awareness to notice they are swinging their body parts/bags in people’s faces. It make me sick (that COULD be the motion sickness I suffer from, though).

Life’s Too Easy and Repetitive (for Ricky Gervais)

I was going to write my thoughts on the new Ricky Gervais vehicle Life’s Too Short. But the review in The Guardian pretty much says exactly what I thought: and that it is written by a professional journalist nay TV critic means it is written better than I could. Actually, what with yesterday’s ‘I’ll just put a picture of something I’ve written already’ blog I should probably try a bit harder than a link to something someone else has written – even if it did echo my views accurately.

So for those who actually want to read my opinions on things and for those who can be bothered clicking on a link to see my thoughts expressed with more eloquence and wit, here is my bullet point review:

· Warwick Davie’s plays an amalgam of Gervais’ arrogant stage persona and the persona he gave to the British TV people on Extras; i.e. smug and arrogant while being a bit pathetic (probably because they are not massive Hollywood stars).

· WD wasn’t bad but only made me LOL out loud once – when he fell out of the door of his 4×4.

· Gervais and Merchant were shoe-horned in to it. Ostensibly being themselves from the beginning of An Idiot Abroad i.e. sitting behind a desk mocking someone.

· The bits where WD wasn’t being Gervais-lite and was interacting with his screen wife and then interviewing for a secretary had moments that were quite good without resorting to quips about fame/celebrity.

· The bulk of the funny was brought by Liam Neeson coming in to ask Gervais/Merchant (not really sure why they were there again or why WD was) for advice on becoming a comedian. This involved a famous person sending up themself up (Neeson is serious and moody yeah?) and saying outrageous things (AIDS!!!) while remaining straight-faced. This is still able to extract laughter but when you’re meant to be really award-smashingly brilliant, as Gervais definitely thinks he is, trotting out the stuff you did in your last TV series seems a bit lazy. We get it: you are prepared to humiliate people who have had their moment in British TV by portraying them as sad, desperate bastards; we also get that you are in awe of big stars to the degree that you will make them look like they are great and able to laugh at themselves by playing up to their (probably justified) media personas and swearing a bit.

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