Thursday 03 November 2011

Bad (Radio) Times

I’m not sure I believe the Radio Times spokesman quoted in this article. I am pretty sure that the front cover of the RT is the same whenever I am in London (upwards of three times a year). In fact I remember sometimes being confused as to whether I was in London or not because the cover of the RT was the same as it was in the rest of the country. I specifically remember thinking “Is this London? because that is still the cast of Rock and Chips on the front of the RT* and it was the cast of Rock and Chips in Manchester” I stopped short of asking a passer-by if it was London as I was worried about being gang-mugged by people who target out-of-towners [if you’re wondering how I confirmed I was in London: bought a Subway meal and asked for the receipt knowing it would have the store address on it, then double-checked by switching the GPS on on my phone, but then double-checked that – GPS on my phone is unreliable at best – by looking for a landmark, fortunately I was at London Euston Train Station – the site of London Euston Train Station buildings, I now knew I was in London – no thanks to the Radio Times.]

And if they are telling the truth what is the rationale? London gets exclusive pictures of Gervais (my, my – he is wearing all black and doing something with Warwick Davies, quite the exclusive: there haven’t been 130 pictures like that on Twitter/his blog) and the rest of the country gets Julie Walters? Well, are they saying there is generally only one person every week to be in a BBC programme that is interesting? I am not sure about this dichotomy of taste the Radio Times is suggesting at all. Though, yes they have called me right: I would prefer to look at a picture of Julie Walters over one of Ricky Gervais.

Whatevs, I just hope Life’s Too Short is full of stuff about how stupid religion is and how being an atheist is so good that everyone should be one no matter what their own mind tells them like Ricky Gervais’ Twitter feed. I know he is a very intelligent and funny man – and thus is aware of the irony of his atheistic dogma and how his followers bully others who don’t follow it – but it is boring as fuck [Yes I know I can unfollow, I am just hoping he will start being funny again.]

*I would like to make it clear that this is a parable (yes I said parable) and the cast of Rock and Chips (including The Inbetweener’s James Buckley) may never have appeared on the front cover of The Radio Times; it was merely representative of the kind of thing that might appear on the front cover of Britain’s foremost tv listings magazine. I have googled ‘rock and chips radio times’ [image search] and found no evidence that the cast of the Only Fools and Horses pre-spinoff-quel HAS appeared on the front of the Radio Times. Like I said it’s a parable, perhaps the kind of thing a modern day Jesus Christ might say to his followers.

Fuck It, I Will Say More

I was just going to leave it at that – talking about things just prolongs your involvement in the annoyance & no-one is reading this so…

But someone, his name isn’t important and he wont be reading this – and he’s a stand-up guy, I don’t want this to turn in to a witch hunt, put this thing on Facebook. It was three pictures: the first was of a woman holding a placard saying ‘PRAY FOR MORE DEAD SOLDIERS’ with the caption ‘Militant Christian’ above it*; the second was a Taliban soldier with ‘Militant Muslim’ above and the final one was a picture of Richard Dawkins – smoking with alcohol and a cafetiere in front of him (he’s so fucking cool isn’t he? in other words) with ‘Militant Atheist’ above it.

My question is: why are atheists so fucking smug? My friend added as a comment “To be fair, though, militant Atheists are a billion times more common”. Well, Ian – (actual name), Well Ian, that’s not even nearly accurate is it? unless the sum total of combined militant Muslims AND militant Christians is 7 people could it be accurate – and that would involve the rest of the world being militant atheists. And they aren’t are they? There are far more religious people than militant atheists. I kind of like to think he meant that the militant Muslims and militant Christians were in the minority and not representative of religious people. But (a) I’m not sure he did as he’s quite intelligent and this seems to highlight militant atheists as abundant and (b) it’s not characteristic of ‘militant atheists’ to be humble in any way.

In fact, any proud atheists are far more pious and verbose about their beliefs than any religious people I know. I know about the faith of religious friends because I have found out about it over time as I might find anything else out about them and they certainly aren’t obsessed with other people sharing their beliefs or offended by me asking about their faith or any contradictions it may have (as observed by me). Atheists are obsessed with people agreeing with them though – and seem to thrive on trying to mock religion. [Quick point here, I am an atheist by the way. I just keep it to myself and am not obsessed with it.] Now I don’t think any religion is perfect or without holes – see what I just wrote in the brackets – but it’s not really the religion people attack is it? It’s the faith: and I don’t really see why the fuck anyone should be bothered about belittling someone’s faith. Yes, I do believe we should question values of belief systems – be they religions or societies – that subjugate genders/sexualities/races but if you can’t question something with rationale, logic and Socratic debate then maybe you should question yourself rather than others. Just saying.

That said fundamentalists are a ruddy nightmare – not least the 9/11 ones.

*Just think of the kind of people Louis Theroux spends several days in the company of in order to make a documentary.

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