Thursday 27 October 2011

Noel Way I Was Wrong

So I made a booby yesterday – and I don’t mean I fashioned a tit. When I was banging on about Stop Crying Your Heart Out being an inappropriate (in terms of how last songs are generally one of the ‘biggies’ of the set) when of course it was Little by Little that Noel finished on. What can I say? It’s pwopah emabarassing when an error like that goes out to my 1.2 million daily readers (at the last count) and I owe a shout-out to Scott Sheppard for contacting me about the error, Scott wins a free lifetime subsrcription to this weblog.

While I am on the Noel gig, I may as well add a couple of things that I missed out yesterday..[probably due to writing it when I got in from the gig, I wasn’t pissed-pissed but I had had five pints, so about the level I would definitely feel safe to drive – as suggested the other day].

  • For the clientele of such a gig Pretty Green wear was uncharacteristically low (I am not just imagining this, there was definitely less on display than at any indie gig I have been at in the last 18 months). Many people seem to have taken my line of showing Noel some respect by not wearing the clothes his brother had made with his bare hands. I am pretty sure Noel was taking in to account what clothes people were wearing so it was a good job. I myself obeyed this unspoken agreement; the dilemma was, of course, how do I make it known that I pay over the odds for clothes if I can’t wear Pretty Green? I chose a Lyle and Scott jumper and a Fred Perry jacket.
  • The first of the backdrop images was a Noel Gallagher and The High Flying Birds logo. The logo was those words in 60s-y writing in a big circle. A bit like the Pretty Green logo. Don’t you think Noel should get over being obsessed with Pretty Green and stop banging on about it? If he’s not (unspokenly) ordering people not to wear Pretty Green stuff to his gigs he is having a vaguely similar logo projected for about 7 minutes. Get over it Noel: it’s not all about Pretty Green.

All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

More follow-up to yesterday’s blog I’m afraid. It’s almost like my days are sometimes connected and that they are not all one-offs.

I mentioned my idea of December off to my boss. He just smiled and walked off. To be fair he has only just returned to work after a couple of months off with a bad back, however the vibe seems to be that he wouldn’t entertain me not being in for a month – even if it was all from my annual leave entitlement. One of the reasons will be that him being off for two months on ‘the sick’ means he will have loads of his annual leave to take and will undoubtedly need me to cover his work while he is off (again).

Still, I am not giving up on December off – or Philcember as I will call it, if it comes to pass.

Fade In/Out

I watched the last two episodes of BBC3’s excellent The Fades tonight. It really has been a superb series and I have enjoyed it immensely. Jack Thorne is a great writer and the 6 episodes were excellently written and paced. It didn’t really have an ounce of fat on it story-wise and story arcs were all well constructed and concluded – save leaving a bit up in the air for a (I hope) second series. All the cast were superb but I would have to single out Daniel Kaluuya and Iain de Caestecker’s bromance as brilliantly realised by the two young actors.

With great original drama like this you can certainly see why the BBC is cutting back on it’s digital output. The money used for this awesome piece of television would be far more suited to offering Adrian Chiles a big,fat contract to lure him back to the Beeb.

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