Friday 21 October 2011

<<pun about the Stone Roses>>

You cannot help what annoys you. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. It doesn’t matter how nice you are. It doesn’t matter what you know is the right thing. If something annoys you it annoys you.

*insert text about being annoyed about not getting the tickets you wanted for The Stone Roses gigs because loads of people are going just because getting tickets was this weeks ‘I heart Manchester t-shirt’ and you have been crazy about them for 20 years. Add text about being aware that tickets for a music gig is not a meritocracy and hypothesis that even if it was what would the merits that classified anyone above anyone else be realistically? Conclude by admitting you are a twat for thinking because you know a lot about them and buy new versions of CDs you already have for a needless extra CD you should have any greater right than anyone else to buy tickets for a gig. Also add you should be grateful for the Sunday tickets you have*

*Perhaps suggest something about people not doing something for the money charging people £60 being a bit y’know..*

<<trying to be witty sign off>>

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