Tuesday 18 October 2011

What follows is me trying to get my blog out of the way when I got it drunk after going to see Richard Herring. Frankly, it’s fucking babble, though everyone would probably be none-the-wiser if I hadn’t written this explanation such is the relentlessly appalling shit I write every day. Oh and I normally don’t write that I am drunk every 12 words. The alternative, though, was to write another one. Fuck that.



Saw Richard Herring’s What Is Love Anyway? tonight. As might be expected it was a good show, very funny. He’s a great stand-up, and I’m a long-time fan. He’s bringing the show to The Lowry in spring, I would advise going to see it then. I wont ruin it for you which conveniently lets me off with writing much more about it when I’m inebriated.

I will say this though: he does a bit about people being in love is like two stalker being reciprocated. Yeah, I’ve blown a bit of it for you, a funny bit. But it reminds me of something I have said previously about love at first sight, I’ll not elaborate. Sorry, I’m drunk: I wrote the next bit (the ‘Gervais’ section, I’ll be honest I am pretty pissed off at him but y’know, booze) before I wrote this and there has been a lot of retyping (I can’t access it at work any more – we use Explorer 2 or something – so I can’t fall back on doing it on my lunch any more) because of inebriation. No-one is reading it anymore anyway, it will be fine *does drunken ssssssssshhhhhh* no-one is reading this.

Gervais is a dick

Ah fuck it. He’s a tool, have lots to say about it (he must be quivering in his boots) but people just agree with someone just because they have been funny in the past.

No denying I have loved the man’s work, but he’s becoming more and more annoying*.

No. Fuck it: I’ll get in to it (my reason for not going is that I’ve had a drink). Actually no: fuck it, I wont.

I’m sorry I don’t ever write these drunk but I have to go and see my Dad tomorrow. Is that emotional blackmail? No: it’s fine, emotional blackmail implies someone is reading who gives a fuck (other than me reading this in December who is thinking ‘awwww, I love me’ AND ‘I hate you’).

*I will elaborate on what I mean, just so when I read this in a few months I know what I meant (Hi Phil! Love You xx).

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