Monday 17 October 2011

Busy Busy Busy

What a week I have on my hands this week – I have three or four things to do. Three or four! I know what you’re thinking: the last time I checked there are 7 days in a week, that’s a thing more often that once every two days, rather you than me fellow-me-lad. My response: exactly.

Today had nothing though: NOTHING. Tomorrow: Richard Herring (trying to squeeze in as much of the United game as possible), Wednesday: NOTHING, Thursday: NOTHING, Friday: Nothing, Saturday: a play in the afternoon; Mile Kane gig in the evening, Sunday: the NFL game at Wembley (journey including stops to watch Rugby World Cup and the derby).

Written down like that it looks more like someone with a busy weekend and one thing to do during the week. Appearances can be deceptive, though in this case they probably aren’t: I do just have have a normal week with a fairly hectic weekend at the end. I’m glad I’ve written it down now, seems less daunting.

Oh actually…

I was going to leave it there as today seems like a nothingness. But I took something to a meeting so I could pop in to Boots for some bodyspray. Yeah. I nearly didn’t tell you that. No-one annoyed me on the way or during the return journey; there were no signs that were stupid and badly-worded.

Oh and I played Call of Duty for a bit and watched most of a documentary about how a man was vilified for getting in the way of a baseball player trying to make a catch in an important game a few years ago¹.

Thanks a mill’


¹For anyone interested the invent is explained in more detail here:

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