Sunday 09 October 2011

Statham Young

Watched Blitz this afternoon. It’s got Jason Statham in it. You should know from that previous sentence whether or not you will like it without me saying anything more about it. So that’s my review: if you like Statham you will like it, if you don’t: you won’t.

Standout line, after being told that someone who does a crime was described as ‘big and white’, Statham (Detective Chief Inspector General Intendant Blitz*) replies “Well we can rule out the little black fella from Diff’rent Strokes then.” I shit you not.

Justin Timberlake Geneva

Watched Friends with Benefits this evening. It’s an odd little allegory about the demonstrative influence of Christian values on the world’s political and economic direction, i.e. America ruling the western world in the 20th century. We are shown a community of puritanical houseflies who control and rule by a Byzantine hegemony despite being rife with hypocrisy. The houseflies ultimate obsession with power and avarice leads to alienation within the global insect community and their ultimate downfall by a swarm of chalcidoid wasps – clearly a metphor for 9/11.

Not really, it’s a romantic comedy about two people who decide to just have sex and remain friends – not become romantically involved. I’m not going to ruin it by saying what happens. It is very similar to No Strings Attached that I watched two months ago. Instead of Ashton Kutchner having no-strings sex with Natalie Portman this time it is Justin Timberlake having no-strings sex with Mila Kunis. And when I say very similar I mean it’s basically the same film. Not that this is a terrible thing, just not very original at all.

This was my third Justin Timberlake film in four days – following on from Bad Teacher on Thursday and Alpha Dog in the wee small hours this morning. The jury still remains out on him as an actor. He was only okay in Bad Teacher but fine in Alpha Dog, which was made a couple of years ago. He has a charming on screen presence – it’s fucking Justin Timberlake – and in Friends with Benefits he shows he can handle mainstream rom-com fare. I liked him being a bit of a cunt in Social Network, though. And it was that performance that makes me interested to see more from him as an actor rather than seeing him in films like this (where he is just fleshing out the ‘character’ of Justin Timberlake that he has created in the last ten years).

In summary – do some more serious stuff where you are a bit of a cunt, Timberlake.

*not really, he’s called Detective Sergeant Tom Brant.

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