Sunday 02 October 2011

Keep trying

It’s good isn’t it? It’s part of the latest e-mail from my friendly neighbourhood sporting giant. Can’t fault the marketing department on this one..well I do have a few questions.

EXCLUSIVE? What is exclusive? Exclusive to Manchester United? The lucky green (more of that to come)? If it’s the former: in what way is that exclusive? Every football shirt is exclusive to the club. It’s like boasting my name is exclusive to me; well it’s not because I’m from backwardsville and named after my Dad. But you get my point..that’s not exclusive.

As for ‘lucky green’. Are United claiming ownership of a colour? A lucky colour no less. Well as ridiculous as that sounds when I googled it there didn’t appear to be much but what there was found was predominantly Nike products. But OTHER Nike products. So at best this lucky green is exclusive to Nike. And not this shirt. But I don’t think it is exclusive to Nike. Or a colour. I am colour-blind though; red/green colour-blind to be precise so I don’t think I was ever going to think this was a good advertmail.

And lucky? (1) Colours aren’t lucky (2) Should we be associating ourselves with luck? We are one of the most successful football teams in the world; sure we get some lucky breaks now and again but selling ourselves on luck? Shady on reds players that. Pure shady.

Other than that, really top class.

Some drinks I like

Ice-cold lager
Gin and tonic
White wine – the house white is fine by me (with ice in)
Vodka and anything
Cider, preferably Strongbow
White Russians
Good old English cup of tea
Cold tap water*. Colder the better.
*I don’t want to be racist about this but it really should be Manchester tap water. It tastes like piss in other places, in comparison. The use of the asterisk/footnote is considerably lessened when it is linked to something on the last line of that page.
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