Saturday 01 October 2011

A  couple of things I will not be elaborating on

    • I mended my favourite iPod by putting it in the freezer
    • I worked all day while everyone enjoyed the sun
    • I,Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan arrived and I read a few pages and laughed a lot [I don’t laugh while reading, generally, I think ‘that was funny’].


Kaiser Biffs

I don’t hate the Kaiser Chiefs. I kind of like a couple of their albums – the ones after the successful one. They do a nice line in melodic pop fuelled by malevolence and rage. But what are they talking about here? No-one is buying your album because no-one buys your albums any more. And if I don’t think all the publicity (about four minutes on 6Music – including repeats on the news) about the album release overshadowed the album release: it publicised it (in my humble opinion).

Bad gag

Those bloody shits who say ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ have clearly never been employed  as a nurse working with dementia patients.

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