Wednesday 28 September 2011

Thor Blimey

Another visit to my Dad today. Things are looking up: he didn’t tell me he was gutted that he’d missed Fred West mockumentary on ITV last month. He did choose to tell me something he had never laid on me before. And this is given I am 33 and we have spent hundreds of hours talking about stuff in the last 20 years. He liked comics when he was little, he liked them so much that when he had a new one he would go to bed early to sit reading it and wouldn’t go to sleep until he’d finished it, which often gave him a headache. He also shocked me by saying Thor was the most popular one back then and he was surprised it had taken them until this year to make it into a film.

What a fucking geek. I assume he dropped the interest in comic books when he started drinking and smoking…so when he was 10 then. What a great joke.

For my part I have only read two comics – like comic comics, superheroes and shit. Not ones about football of which I have read hundreds. The Watchmen and Superman: Red Son. I enjoyed them both immensely so may never read another comic/graphic novel. I will almost certainly read another Dan Brown book, though: you do the math.

Truly Madeley Deeply

The mission continued this morning to find something half-decent to listen to on the radio. I am not allowed Radio 4 as MJEA likes music. I didn’t know Chris Evans was away so we tried Radio 2, Richard Madeley was standing in for Evo. Richard Madeley instantly became unfunny/interesting to watch the moment he realised people has found him interesting/funny to watch. He is clever enough to be self-aware, self-referential and vaguely post-modern in his self-awareness. Unfortunately he is not that funny at trying to be funny. He is only funny when he is trying to be an ego-less, non-sexist serious journalist/presenter but is actually a rampaging sexist, ego-maniac.

He seems to be on top of the trend of confusing not funny, or ignoring laughter as a source of recognising humour. Rather than type LOL after everything – even clear non-jokes – like the ‘tards on Facebook, Madeley’s version is to say “that’s funny, that’s funny” after someone says something. If it’s funny emit some laugh noises. I am probably being a bit harsh here. I am more annoyed at the LOL culture but I can’t be arsed getting in to that now.

But judging by the ten minutes I listened to this morning he has shit taste in music.


Watched the Ryan Gosling vehicle (LOL) Drive tonight. It is fucking awesome. I should have guessed it would be when Peter Bradshaw said it wasn’t very good. Only that is a lie as I don’t really read reviews of stuff before I watch it any more. Certainly not by Peter Bradshaw, who I find somewhat of (what some people might call) a cunt. He certainly misunderstood a basic element of the film in that review; misunderstood it and slagged it off for being stupid. He did later apologise but it still doesn’t make up for it in my book. He says he watched the film twice in the review, yet he still misunderstood a very clearly explained plot point.

I am not being over defensive of the film because I am in love with Ryan Gosling, and anyone who says I am is just shit-stirring and probably wants us not to get married.   

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