Wednesday 21 September 2011

You could suggest my background, as in where I was raised and who I was raised by, and the time in history I was raised contribute to a fundamental conflict in the way I view certain things.

I was born to – and raised by – two factory workers on a council estate in North Manchester. I wouldn’t say either of my parents were political animals. My dad certainly had a sense of ‘them’ screwing ‘us’ over; my mother certainly had a sense of right and wrong and fairness. They were both members of a Union (USDAW, I think). We also took The Mirror.* [And yes, I did use the phrase ‘took the..’ on purpose in the middle of this working class hero bit].

I think it is safe to say I was autoformatted as a member of The Labour Party.

I grew up in the 1980s though. And sometimes I think a little bit of the rancid cunt Thatcher’s Britain must have left a stamp on me. I don’t like this. I didn’t like her when I was little and she was just a scary woman with nostrils. And I didn’t like her when I realised who she was, was she had done and what she had stood for. However, I do sometimes think there must be a bit of her stamped on my values as when people lose their jobs for a reason of there not being the justifiable and sustainable employment there anymore I kind of see why people have to lose their jobs.

It’s common sense isn’t it? There wasn’t any coal left. Bye-bye miners.

Stop, you don’t have to throttle me. I am not being entirely genuine. I do understand what happened with the miners. And lots of cases where British Industy has been torn apart – leaving an economy that is repaired with loans and false economies put forward by more tory twats.

But I do always think about the logics of people getting laid off in certain circumstances. When perhaps this doesn’t fit in with the sensibilities of the person I would like to be. Someone refusing to learn how to use a computer being laid off because their job has become almost entirely computer based? I feel little sympathy. And I blame me for this. Time to become a better person. Again.

  • If you could become two people right now, what are the first two things you’d want to do? Well it depends on what you mean by ‘become two people’  can I be one of the two people and the other one be Eliza Dushku? If so then the first two things I would like to do both involve my widger and her wah-wah.
  • List five things you love about your culture. Xenophobia, quick-fixes, selfshness, fads and the popular opera singer Russell Watson.
  • Invent a new onomatopoeia for one of your favorite sounds.kvunk – for when you forget you own a kettle – and then you see your kettle and are shocked by it, you’re all like ‘kvunk’ aren’t you?

*All political affiliations aside I credit this choice of daily newspaper with holding me back. Maybe before I was born this was a great newspaper but growing up it was a fucking rubbish read. By the time I reached about 14 I was embarassed to read it such was its content. The words/picture ratio seemed to be akin to those books for 5-year-olds about that spotty dog whose name I cannot recollect.

Oh and one of my favourite bands called it a day today. It seemed a bit weird for them to do so: REM were at the stage where they could probably have just got away with doing no more albums. Now if there is like a benefit for a charity or something (you know like 9/11 Two) there is a big deal about asking them to do it. Whereas if they had just not done more albums/toured but not announced they were over there wouldn’t be.

Anyway, this is REM and You Are The Everything,

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