Wednesday 29 June 2011

Just a hark back to yesterday – today Coke emailed me. It wasn’t about yesterday’s blog or anything – but they never email me and today they did about modifications to ‘Coke Zone’. Mad eh? What are the odds? Millions to one. If that hasn’t sent a chill up your spine then you are a tough cookie. Enough about yesterday’s blog.

So yeah, quickly back to the haircut thing from yesterday..I’m ticked off at my economies of scale rationale. Short summary: a few weeks ago I get my haircut. I was semi-ok with it but the last couple of weeks have not seen it, ok well it has seen it grow on me..but you get my point. I wasn’t happy with how it grew in.

That haircut was £23.50, I pay £25 and it’s a keep the change thang. I’m not as unhappy with the cut  as I would be a week or two later but I am not entirely happy with it but still I tip the man (who has ignored my instructions and been a bit racist and sexist, but hey: he’s Italian and I was running late for football). Yesterday, they guy does exactly what I ask for but the cut is only £9.50 so I give him tenner and say keep the change.

So…the guy who does a poor job gets a £1.50 tip and the guy who does a good job just gets 50p. What’s that all about? That doesn’t really agree with my principles, but the thought of giving someone a tenner AND a pound coin seems too bizarre to me. Even if you do it proportionally the bigger price wins – £1.50 on a £23.50 haircut is a tip of 6.4% whereas 50p on £9.50 is only a tip of 5.26%.

Though I try to make myself feel better by the fact that I would pay for a £4.50 haircut with a fiver and tell them to keep the change, representing a tip of a whopping 11.1%. And if the haircut had been 8.50 I would have still given a tenner which would have been a tip of a whopping 17.65%.  It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth though and maybe I will consider paying £11 next time (a 15.8% tip). And of course they will be getting my repeat business. No, that doesn’t make me feel better either. I am a charlatan of a socialist (with a good haircut).

You know what’s great? People who are good at stuff. Yeah we all love the story of the under dog – as long as they win in the end, natch. But there are some things where it’s just a person competing against themself. Such was Matt Hoffman’s battle with doing airs on his BMX. I watched a bit of the 30 from 30, The Birth of Big Air, about this mentalist.

For about 10 years he was basically the best BMX stunt rider out there. Yeah I don’t give a fuck about BMX either but the beauty of 30 from 30 is that they are so good they make most things interesting. Admittedly I already found most of the topics interesting but I think most would appeal to people who are just interested in good documentaries.

Seriously though this Matt Hoffman was just fucking insane. He was obsessed with doing bigger and better tricks than anyone else. And he didn’t really give a fuck about the damage he did himself while trying to jump higher and more spectacularly. As is often the case with someone going to a place you would never be there are times when you just have to shake your head at the kid.

Two examples:

(1) He built this giant ramp to jump higher than anyone had even got near before. In order to get the speed up to jump up the ramp he needed he was pulled along by a motorbike. The guy who rode the motorbike realised it was pretty dangerous getting him up to these speeds on a BMX and said he couldn’t do it for his friend anymore. So Matt Hoffman reacts by building a 60 foot entry ramp so he could get to up to the speed himself.

(2) He says at one stage that if he dies without totally wrecking his body then he has failed.

Some people are fucking mental.


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