Tuesday 27 April 2011

There was a lot of coverage today about the ‘big rush’ for Olympic tickets today, as the deadline for applications was at midnight today.  What a crock of shit.  Various BBC mediums were the main protagonists of the hype. Co-incidentally the BBC will be showing the 2012 Olympics and it will look wank if there are no crowds at any of the events.  I am sure I am just being cynical about this.  But there was quite a lot of coverage on the BBC: that’s all I’m saying *walks away from the statement with his hands in the air innocently*

What was going to happen if there were still tickets unsold after midnight tonight wasn’t made clear (or it was and I didn’t pay any attention to it), but I am pretty sure what will happen is that people will be able to buy tickets at a later date for things where the tickets haven’t sold out.  Thus making the deadline somewhat of a pointless affair to scaremonger people in to buying 45 tickets for the archery.  I am pretty confident that I till go to some events at the Olympics and not have to pay more than face value – for example, if all the mens and womens football at Old Trafford has sold out and there aren’t millions of spares drifting about, I will eat a large Olympic rings shaped piece of cake (some cake I don’t like – not some chocolate sponge cake).  Yeah – you are right to go a bit wide-eyes and be impressed by how confident I am that the group stages of the mens or womens football will not sell out 78000 tickets several times.

That said I should have probably bid for some things – which would have sold out either way, just to see if I would have got some anyway.  As all the good stuff will have gone now.  And the deadline was for the end of the ballot type ticket sale where it wasn’t a first-come-first-served free-for-all so that was also a bit of a pointless attack. So? Just because it is pointless doesn’t mean I shouldn’t say it.   It was still all a bit cynical from the BBC and was like the legitimate advertising of something that they do tend to get something out of.

[It wasn’t a pointless attack really – that’s right I am 180-ing on my 180 – these kind of ticket ‘raffles’ are bullshit.  They did it for World Cup tickets in 2006 and despite being 1 of about 8 lads who had got tickets from the raffle (Ukraine-Sweden, you’re right to look jealous) and all the tickets supposedly selling out everyone else in the group still ended up getting tickets legitimately at the last minute.  Which meant they all got to sit together and have a great time at Brazil-Ghana, or sit together and have less fun at Sweden-Ukraine (but still have fun) while I got to sit on my own and have no fun at the 0-0 game in the round of 32.  And I was supposed to be the one who had ‘won’ at the raffle…and you wonder why I am cynical about these ticket raffles.]

That was a pretty good blog to bring up NUMBER 150 wasn’t it?  I really think that it goes down in the top 145 blogs I have done, maybe even top 140.  I am afraid I will not be able to answer all the questions I received as it was literally an amazing response.  It was only matched by the number of answers I received.

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