Sunday 27 February 2011


That was my attempt at misdirection: my equivalent of loud bangs and smoke bombs.  I’m not sure that fella with the big collars is exactly shitting himself.  David Copperfield, that’s the one.  Is he still married to Claudia Schiffer?  Give me a sec…no.  They separated in 1999.  Did lead me to this gem on Wikipedia though (oddly listed under ‘Personal  Life’ with the info about his relationship with Schiffer…..


I wonder where he hid his possessions.  My Dad used to use sleight of hand to make out there was a bit of a Dairy Milk behind my ear.  It would be nice if Copperfield has put his cell phone (mobile phone – UK readers) behind the ear of these robbers.  It would have been even nicer if he had done some better magic than hiding his phone and his wallet with sleight of hand and done something to save – if not the entire bank – then at least his assistants. I am beginning to think he never made the Statue of Liberty disappear at all.  He definitely escaped from Alcatraz though, no way that was faked.

Actually this misdirection lark works ok doesn’t it?  This entire digression was because I had nothing to say.  And I digressed about a master illusionist – who relies on the misdirection to ply his trade…eh?? And it was completely unintentional.  How post-modern is that?  Not very.

And in terms of the prestige…there isn’t one..this is it. Nothing else to see here.

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