Friday 25 February 2011

There’s certainly a new character in ‘Phil’.  A new dynamic has been added.  That’s right today is about Sainsburys again.

So I went at lunch today and the store generally was tickety-boo again.  Until it came to queuing up for paying, when – and I’m not going to lie to you here – it became a fucking nightmare.  The main culprits were two (assumption alert) students, not together, who were in the queue to pay who seemed to want to use only the self-service tills.  The queue is for both the tills and the self-service – you’ve been in shops right?

So the two (one boy, one girl – is that really relevant?) were directed to the tills by the Queue Administrator (I have imagined this title, well guessed it) only to point out their democratic rights to use the self-service tills.  They are past the exit for the other people-service tills [look at my helpful diagram for a visual aid- can you believe I am not a professional artist?] but not quite at the self-service tills, as they are being used by people.  This seemed to massively confuse the guy in front  of me, this created a gap between him and the two people who thought they were better than have someone else serve them.

This gap was then taken as an invitation to walk to the front of the queue by two obnoxious women (hey, I am defining them purely on this act alone).  The man in front of me didn’t say anything – remember this is a grown man confused to the point of non-movement by people being weird about tills – and at this point two of the tills became free, so he and I were free to go to the tills.  The checkout person/other person-service person apologised about the delay in serving me – probably because they are told to, maybe because I was visibly fuming at the lack of manners on display.

Well, Phil, that was a cracking little story that.  I am surprised you have given it to this free blog though.  Surely it is the stuff of a Hollywood blockbuster?

Yeah, I get your point.  But the crime here is not mine – in relaying a series of dull events in several hundred words on a blog read by few.  Nor is it the obnoxious women who pushed in (yes it is actually).  No the real culprits here are threefold; ONE: Someone whose job is purely to manage a short queue in a Sainsburys Express who singularly fails to do that (I am maybe being harsh here – perhaps it is the training offered by Sainsburys not making it clear to queue technicians what the tenets of queueing are); TWO AND THREE: two people eschewing being served by fellow humans in order to self-serve.  Why?  They both only had a few items, there is no lower limit to paying by card at Sainsburys. There is literally NO reason for someone to self-serve, and to do it when it means there is a longer wait for their goods? For fuck’s sake.  There is a lot said about serial-killers – they get a bad press, but these two walk around our society free to come and go as they please when they are clearly sick bastards.

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